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Get ready to fall in love with my collection of uniquely designed cards, featuring many captivating options: a two-headed chicken, a sacred heart and Day of the Dead inspired dog, cat, and candle with sugar skull. This listing includes a set of four meticulously hand-pulled block print cards, each measuring 4 inches wide by 6 inches tall. 


Crafted with care, these cards provide the perfect canvas for your personal touch on any occasion. The insides are intentionally left blank, allowing you to infuse your own heartfelt messages. And that's not all – every card comes complete with its own envelope and is safely enclosed in a convenient self-sealing cellophane bag.


The designs – the two-headed chicken, sacred heart, and Day of the Dead inspired creations – are brought to life through individual hand inking and pulling techniques. This means that each card exudes a unique charm, a testament to the craftsmanship poured into every piece.


You'll be pleased to know that these cards aren't your run-of-the-mill, electronically printed creations. Each one is born from scratch, designed and brought to life by hand, ensuring an authentic and genuine artistic experience.


Want to mix and match? Email me with your 4 choices or add a note once you purchase the product.


Ready to spread a touch of artistic flair? Choose our 4x6 blank white cards featuring the two-headed chicken, sacred heart, and Day of the Dead inspired designs. Unleash your creativity, personalize your messages, and make every occasion a special one.

Block Stamped Cards- 4 pack

  • Shipping times may vary. Some cards may be printed once an order is received. Ink takes 7 days to cure to ensure the product is ready for shipping. 

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