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About the Artist

As a passionate creator with a diverse artistic background, I have seamlessly blended my love for painting and the art of sewing, inherited from my grandmothers, into a unique and captivating artistic journey. My artistic expression revolves around multimedia embroidery, a medium that allows me to infuse each piece with a dynamic interplay of textures and colors, resulting in captivating visual narratives.

At the heart of my creative vision lies a deep connection to the Sonoran landscape and a fascination with the rich tradition of Day of the Dead art. Drawing inspiration from these influences, my work is a vibrant fusion of cultural elements, seamlessly weaving together the vibrancy of Sonoran culture with the whimsical allure of the Day of the Dead. The result is a collection of pieces that celebrate life, memory, and the beauty of our shared human experiences.

My signature style is an embodiment of multimedia fine art, a harmonious blend of techniques that encompass both the intricate art of embroidery and the bold expression of stamped designs. With a strong affinity for sugar skull motifs, I've crafted a series of pieces that reimagine this iconic symbol with a fresh perspective, infusing each piece with a sense of vitality and originality.

My artistic journey has been one of self-discovery and self-taught mastery. While honing my craft, I also spent years as a picture framer, a role that deepened my appreciation for the presentation and framing of art. This expertise enables me to personally frame my own creations, ensuring that every aspect of my art reflects the essence of my vision.

Some of my work is proudly displayed at Sunny Days with Tucson Handmade, a testament to my dedication and the recognition I've garnered within the local artisan community. As I continue to evolve as an artist, I am driven by the aspiration to share my work with a broader audience and to explore new horizons for my creative expressions.

I am now exploring the possibility of exhibiting my pieces in galleries, seeking to extend my artistic narrative to wider audiences. This new chapter brings with it a sense of excitement and anticipation, as I embark on a journey to navigate the gallery world and create meaningful connections with art enthusiasts and fellow creators.

Thank you for joining me on this artistic odyssey, where my passion for multimedia embroidery, cultural exploration, and a touch of the unconventional converge to form a tapestry of creativity that I am thrilled to share with the world.

Creating handmade embroidery is a meticulous and time-intensive process that demands patience and dedication. Each delicate stitch is meticulously crafted, requiring a keen eye for detail and a steady hand. The artistry and craftsmanship involved in this age-old practice elevate it to a level of unparalleled uniqueness and beauty. Beyond the art of hand embroidery itself, I also extend my passion to the digital realm by designing PDF patterns for embroidery enthusiasts. These patterns capture the essence of the craft, enabling fellow embroidery and cross-stitch aficionados to embark on their creative journey while paying homage to the time-honored tradition of intricate needlework.


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